Bartow Florida

Bartow Florida Your guide to historic Bartow Florida.

Present day Bartow displays some of old Florida's cultural significance as well as the art and architectural display of a city that was historically one of the largest in Florida back in the early 1900's. Check out's where is Bartow Florida? On any given day Bartow Florida plays host to tourists and adventurers. With it's museums, parks, golfing and outdoor activities Bartow has lots to offer visitors to this small town. Local shops offer everything including ice cream, books, arts and crafts and more.

Things to do in Bartow Florida. Historic downtown Bartow is minutes away from museums, art galleries, historic landmarks and outdoor activities. Lake hancock just a short drive north of Bartow and is known for having some of the best bass fishing in Florida. Bartow once had one of the largest phosphate mining operations in the United States. Bartow is home to historical landmarks such as the L.B. Brown house, The Polk County Courthouse and the Thompson Cigar Factory.

Bartow Florida is located in southern central Florida. Bartow has a mild year round climate attracting many different types of wildlife. Things to do in Bartow Florida. Bartow Florida offers visitors many different opportunities to enjoy the outdoors from nearby state and local parks

Activities include wildlife watching, fishing and hiking. Bartow offers events throught the year including the Cricket Club Halloween Parade and Carnival and the Bloomin Arts Festival. Visitors can also enjoy the L.B. Brown Festival held annually in Feburary.

Bartow Hotels

With the wide variety of things to do in Bartow Florida you're sure to need a hotel. Bartow offers several hotels in the area and a more a short drive away in Winter Haven Florida!

Things to do in Bartow - Bartow Hotels

Bartow Restaurants

Bartow has plenty of different restraunts with a wide selection of food and snacks. On your visit your sure to find a restraunt you'll like in or outside the historic district.

Things to do in Bartow - Bartow Restaurants

Bartow Activites

There are many things to do in Bartow and the nearby small towns of Winter Haven, Lakeland, and Plant City. From hiking and fishing to golfing activities and nature watching!

Things to do in Bartow - Bartow Activities
Things to do in Bartow Florida.

Looking for things to do in Bartow? Bartow Florida presents a wide range of activites from visiting historical museums and landmarks to having an outdoor adventure or browsing the shops in Bartow. From Bartows historic architecture to todays modern civilization bartow offers today's visitor a cultural treat.

Bartow Shops

Bartow has a variety of shops. Everything from ice cream to used books and trinkets can be found in Bartow's historic district.

Things to do in Bartow - Bartow Hotels

Bartow Community

Bartow has a mix of businesses. Many unique events are held in Bartow year round as well as musical shows and entertainment.

Things to do in Bartow - Bartow Restaurants
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